We are a leading Italian company in the creation of telematic systems for info-mobility.
We participate in the development of Smart Communities as protagonists of technological innovation in the IOT.

We are certified ISO 9001:2015 and our technologies are in service at the main LPT operators.

Our history since 1986

Established in 1986, Arpex T.N. , transformed into Arpex Environment Trentino since 2016, immediately distinguished itself for its technical competence and professionalism, already at the end of the 80s Arpex reached its first goal by starting to collaborate with the technicians involved in the 5T project for the 5T Consortium, set up by the Turin Mobility Transport Company, ITALTEL, Municipality of Turin and others, becoming a highly skilled labor supplier of: ATM, ITALTEL and MIZAR who started the testing phase of traffic monitoring systems.
During the second half of the 90s, Arpex S.r.l. has optimized the areas of intervention by purchasing new measuring instruments and implementing a new staff updating and training system. At the beginning of 2000 the organization, with the presence of the electrical division, has broadened its spectrum of action, making the installation and maintenance of electrical and special systems in commercial and industrial structures be part of the activities listed above.
Arpex collaborated with the consortium formed by ITALTEL – ATM Turin – MIZAR to the SIS project (Information System of the Service) taking care of the installations, laboratory assistance and repairs.
As part of the same project, it has significantly increased its collaboration with ATM Torino, GTT today (Torinese Transport Group), providing special supplies and highly qualified services for the development of the system in many Italian cities.

Experience in the sector

Fifteen years of collaboration and experimentation with most of the companies mentioned above (some international leaders in their sector) allow us, today, to boast an exceptional knowledge of high-tech systems acquired in the field of installations, maintenance and repairs: in fact, Arpex T.N. S.r.l. has a strong working competence both from the point of view of technical interventions and from the management point of view.
Today Arpex counts the inclusion of its name in the supplier register of the aforementioned customers and the first formal registration in the supplier register of the Turin Transport Group, GTT, (national leader for the efficiency of the SIS system and the work of the 5T) for the “installation service, on-board hardware maintenance and repair for fleet control and monitoring systems ".



Prototype mounting: infotelematic systems on board of light and heavy vehicles.

Simulation and testing

Vehicle simulators, CABTESTER ed End Of Line (EOL).

Processing or treatments

Wiring realization according to customer specifications.

Production of components

Electronic devices and support mechanics.

Production of subsystems / complex systems

On-board computer based on System On Module architecture and software applications in Linux environment.

Production of products for the final customer (b2b/b2c)

Electronic cards and certified equipment for automotive and railway environments.

Software production

Software applications in the infomobility field.

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