Ulisse is an integrated nanotechnological filtering system developed by ARPEX E.T. for air treatment applicable to any space. Ulisse is an ANTI COVID-19 certified system


Unique filtering technology based on photocatalytic oxidation

Thanks to the modularity of the components it is possible to create air treatment systems of any size

The filter is designed to be inserted into any type of context, both as a design object, and as an integration of other technologies

  • Hospitals and ASL
  • Metro stations
  • Public transport
  • Offices, Museums, Houses etc.

Non Invasive Technology


80 minutes is the time needed to almost totally eliminate pollutants

Anti COVID-19

Compatible with existing exhibition spaces

Quick and simplified procurement

Reduced maintenance costs and times

Zero noise pollution

Zero emissions

Elimination of pollutants

Filter cleaning every 6/8 months