Free @ bike consists of a bike sharing offer without stall, which allows citizens to be able to rent a bicycle using a dedicated app that uses the latest technologies

The vision of the bike sharing project is centered on customer needs and sustainable urban mobility


  • Communication: LoRa, NFC, Bluetooth and Funk 2,4 GHz
  • Geolocation: GPS
  • Interaction: RFID, Smartphone via App, Tablet, Private Computers, Totem Points of Sale and Distributors
  • Management: Complete Online Management Software


Velospot is currently the largest VLS network (self-service bicycles) in Switzerland

31.000 Rentals in 39 Cities and Towns

Applications and Uses

  • Urban hourly rental
  • Dedicated company fleet
  • Dedicated condominium fleet
  • Ad-hoc means of connection between work stations
  • Reduction of traffic and pollutants
  • Mobile advertising system

what makes us better

The advantages of our offer compared to other systems

Reduced costs

Given the light infrastructure necessary for its operation, the velospot system proves to be much cheaper to run than the competition from public bike sharing providers, using storage facilities.

Easy to use

The system is very easy to use: all you have to do is deactivate the safety device by bringing your RFID card or mobile phone close to the rear electronic lock! An unlimited number of users can borrow a bike at the same time without having to register or log in from a central terminal, as in the case of other systems.


Stations can be installed, disassembled or moved very quickly without any major investment. This feature allows you to create and configure temporary stations (for seasonal events and exhibitions).

Minimal infrastructure

Changes to the urban area are reduced to a minimum. In general, the velospot station does not need to be positioned on particular surfaces and does not occupy urban space in any way. Apart from the positioning of the station pole, no civil engineering work is required, being powered by a rechargeable battery, it does not even require an electrical power supply.

Dense network of stations

The low costs associated with the stations and the minimalist aspect of the system infrastructure, allow you to create a dense network ... a key factor to ensure the success of the offer.

Technical features

Control and protection thanks to a mechanical deterrent device and the geolocation / geofencing system

Patented multifunctional frame, able to adapt to various uses: standard and / or pedal assisted (EPAC)

All bicycles come with a large capacity battery "manager" with the possibility of adding a personal "client" battery

Its particular design makes it a clearly recognizable object and on the basket and on the sides it welcomes surfaces that host the name or logo of any partners

The particularly low point of gravity, the 8-speed Shimano gearbox and disc brakes make this bike a manageable and safe vehicle