Hermes is a product capable of treating and purifying the air inside the cabins for moving systems. Hermes is based on photocatalytic degradation technology. Hermes is certified ANTI COVID-19

Healthy air in the cabin for systems in motion

The project

Even the air we breathe daily in confined spaces, especially those frequented by many people, unfortunately is a source of danger for our health as a consequence of the presence of harmful emission substances, of bacterial load and airborne viruses.

The booth for moving systems is by definition a closed place and, as a consequence of the volume, able to hold in suspension: bacterial load, fine powders and odorous substances.

From the collaboration of two leading companies in their sectors, a unique system in the world has been created that can continuously purify the air in the lift room: Hermes



Hermes is based on a filtration system that uses photocatalytic ceramic elements, generating a reduction of harmful substances. The filters require maintenance at very low cost, requiring replacement only after years.

Hermes thanks to photocatalytic oxidation destroys bacterial load, virus, spore, odorous substances, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, Nox and emission substances.

Hermes is managed by an IOT control unit contained within it, which in addition to managing the filtration functions, constitutes a system capable of collecting information and data on the entire operating status of the lift and its components, with the aim of enabling technicians for predictive maintenance

Technology used


Catalytic method applied to photochemical reactions, conducted with the aid of a catalyst which performs its action when irradiated with a radiation of suitable wavelength.


it is a substance capable of increasing the speed of a chemical reaction. It has the ability to lower the activation energy and therefore allow a greater number of molecules to react with each other. It does not actively participate in the chemical reaction and at the end of this it remains unchanged.

The system

The whole filter system consisting of photocatalytic ceramic elements, illuminated by led lights, through which the air passes, is managed by an electronic control unit capable of guaranteeing a constant and continuous balancing process capable of offering unaltered and homogeneous performance.

Bacterial load abatement test