Green Energy

ARPEX believes in providing a better and cleaner environment for the next generation. To acheive that, we are involved in activities in the green energy sector such as solar energy and energy efficiency interventions

Energy Efficiency

Increase the value of your property by taking advantage of the state contribution equal to 110% of the expenditure for Ecobonus and Sismabonus.

Photovoltaic Grid Parity

In energy, grid parity is the point at which electricity produced from alternative energy sources has the same price as traditional energy produced through traditional energy sources, that are fossil sources and nuclear power.

Photovoltaic Building

Green energy, produced on the roofs of your company. Reduce energy costs and become independent from electricity prices with photovoltaics.

Agro FV Solution

Agro FV Solution is the solution of Arpex E.T.. for the development of agro-photovoltaic projects through the configuration of fixed panelings (but removable) of appropriately spaced photovoltaic panels