Thanks to a digital platform, operators will be able to interact with users in the area and send detailed information and images to the operational forces in charge.

Operations center

The system


Reception of Alerts by message in the control panel (Whatsapp / Instagram)


Communication by telephone or via radio networks with the operational forces that manage emergencies.


Data storage (messaging, photo and video) in a dedicated database based on BI Asterisk.


Monitoring of information from environmental sensors present in the area and connected with surveillance drones


Generation of automatic environmental critical alarms


The System allows the citizen present in the area to provide support information in an easy and spontaneous way.
In the same way, the operator can interact with volunteers in an effective way. ALERT data all arrive at the emergency number via instant messaging app.

It’ is possible to have a centralized database in the operations room capable of securely storing all the material received, also available offline with respect to the time of the report.

Through specific statistical analysis procedures it is possible to carry out a study and targeted monitoring on the type of events reported.