Photovoltaic Grid Parity

Towards a Green future

In energy, grid parity is the point at which electricity produced from alternative energy sources has the same price as traditional energy produced through traditional energy sources, that are fossil sources and nuclear power.


Because Grid Parity is fundamental for an eco-sustainable future

Going towards Grid Parity is important for the whole world. We are witnessing many serious direct and indirect effects of rising temperatures and climate change on our planet. These changes are directly related to our use of fossil fuels. It is undeniable that our climate is changing at a faster rate than we expected.

To better understand Grid Parity, it must be recognized that while many things contribute to the cost of any technology, one thing is almost always true: there is a cyclical model in which more interest drives more production, more production drives lower prices, and lower prices in turn stimulate more interest. If this cycle keeps repeating itself, eventually we reach a point where the cost of a solar energy system is equal to or less than the use of other energy sources. This is a contribution to how we can achieve Grid Parity.

All other conditions being equal, prices decrease as production increases. Richard Swanson, the founder of SunPower, coined the term “Swanson's Law” which states that every time production and sales are doubled, the cost drops by 20%. It makes sense then that if we can increase the demand for solar panels, at the end you can reach the Grid Parity.

A smart investment

Advantages of an investment in Grid Parity

Economic Benefits

The reduction in development costs and plant costs made these investments sustainable and profitable

Energy Security

The self-production of renewable energy leads to less dependence on foreign countries and greater security in fuel supplies.

Greater competitiveness

The interventions allow for an important reduction in dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to the improvement of competitiveness and the relaunch of the country in this phase of great difficulty

Environmental Benefits

Generating from renewable sources makes it possible to use fewer fossil fuels overall and therefore reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions, that contribute to global warming

ARPEX for Grid Parity

Know How

Arpex.ET has developed a platform of skills based on the acquisition of specialist know-how and on a consolidated system of relationships with the main players in the sector capable of generating, implementing and managing investment opportunities

Consolidated relationships with:

  • Specialized technical studies
  • Real estate brokers
  • PA and municipal companies
  • Trade associations

Network of relationships and partnerships with:

  • Municipalities and Administrations
  • Design company
  • Technology manufacturers
  • Industry authorities
  • Energy distributors

Consolidated background and expertise in the sector to study and / or evaluate engineering solutions that use innovative technologies:

  • Consolidated track record in terms of interventions carried out
  • Team with distinctive skills able to generate tailor made solutions by integrating different technologies

Project identification


On-site analysis

Project engineering

Design and preliminary



Preliminary approval

Due diligence

Final approval

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