The Association of Bicycle Manufacturers presents its recommendations for addressing the online contribution request procedure:


Less than a month after opening the web application through which it will be possible from next November 3 to request the mobility voucher or a refund for purchases made (bicycles, e-bike, scooters and shared mobility services for individual use), ANCMA (National Association of Cycle Motorcycle Accessories) today presents a series of recommendations for dealing with the online procedure. A process that is divided into two very specific phases for citizens: the first concerns the reimbursement of expenses incurred from 4 May to 3 November 2020 (60% up to a maximum of 500 euros), while the second is aimed at those who have not yet made purchases and provides a real digital shopping voucher that the beneficiaries can generate directly on the web application of the Ministry of the Environment.
However, ANCMA's attention is mainly focused on the first phase, “As - the note reads - the date of insertion of the request and not that of the purchase document will prevail: it is therefore necessary to prepare and approach the procedure with rigor and timeliness ". Hence the association's vademecum with three essential suggestions: remember to activate a SPID identity before 3 November (Public System of Digital Identity) if not already in possession; scan the purchase document in your name (talking invoice or receipt) and make a document in pdf format; have ready evidence of their bank details to receive the refund.
For those who request the digital shopping voucher to be used after November 3, the SPID identity will also be required, while it is important to underline that the duration of the same is 30 days (for expenses made
by 31 December 2020).
Finally, ANCMA reminds that adult citizens who have residence can take advantage of the mobility voucher for the year 2020 (and not the home) in the regional capitals (even under 50.000 inhabitants), in the provincial capitals (also
under 50.000 inhabitants), in municipalities with populations over 50.000 inhabitants and municipalities of metropolitan cities (even under 50.000 inhabitants).

Milano, 8 October 2020.