Bike Sharing is back in Ravenna, the shared bike service that can be used for proximity trips.
There will be 285 "flaming red" bicycles for rent around Ravenna and the Ravenna beaches thanks to the new bike sharing service of the network Velospot (largest Swiss operator in the sector).

In mid-May the RTI FREEBIKE, formed by the company 3BIXI SRL of Trento and by INTERMOBILITY S.A of Bienne, won the tender from the Municipality of Ravenna for 165,788 Euros and they should finish in the next few weeks the installation of vertical and horizontal signs to delimit the stations for the positioning of "shared bicycles" both in the city and on the beaches.

After the yellow Obike of a few years ago, therefore, the people of Ravenna will be able to travel on the red bicycles of the Velospot (240 with muscle pedaling e 45 electric, pedal assisted).
Especially electric bikes
they can be taken and returned only in the stations dedicated to them, present in Ravenna, in Piazzale Aldo Moro, in Marina di Ravenna, in Piazza Piloti of the port, in Porto Corsini in Via Terzo Sirotti 39, in Ravenna in Largo della strada romana (Archaeological park) o a Class in Via Classens 94 (Classis Museum Ravenna).

In order to use the Velospot bikes it will be necessary to register in the Velospot app, subscribe to the platform, as explained on the velospot website: bicycles can be rented at numerous loan stations with a card registered in the name of the user and which allows you to open the corresponding lock. The loan will end as soon as the bicycle is deposited again and locked with the lock at any loan station belonging to the network. Users will be able to choose the 30-minute subscription, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

"Sustainable mobility is one of the great challenges that municipal administrations have to face and this investment by the Municipality of Ravenna in micro-mobility, goes in this direction - comments the Councilor for Transport and Sport of the Municipality of Ravenna, Roberto Fagnani -. Citizens use bicycles more and more and therefore this new service of the Municipality will be useful to both residents and tourists, also because pedal assisted bikes will have stations both on the shores ( Marina di Ravenna and Porto Corsini) than a Class ( near the Classis Ravenna Museum).

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