BusSafe is a scalable family of products that can replace previous control units or complement them, integrating the vehicle with its own functionalities

Built to Last

On board control system for TPL vehicles

Collects, processes and transmits any on-board data to an operational center on the ground and manages the payment systems

Fleet efficiency

More efficient and effective management of vehicles, which takes into account the real conditions of the vehicle thanks to its predictive maintenance capability

360 ° communication

Management of internal and external communication systems of the vehicle, able to convey service information

Predictive maintenance integrated with scheduled maintenance

Ground signaling of alarms and alarm prediction

Location and routes

Remote communication with devices on board of the vehicle


We make any vehicle Smart

Data processed: FMS engine data , environmental data, GPS data, passenger counter, payment systems' information

Reading vehicle data in real time

Processing and transmission of information to the Operations Center

Monitoring for predictive maintenance and fleet efficiency

Real-time localization and passenger counter

Route messaging management on internal and external panels