Air Cleaning

The air we breathe daily in confined spaces, especially those frequented by many people, unfortunately is a source of danger for our health as a consequence of the presence of harmful emission substances, of bacterial load and airborne viruses. ARPEX offers its customers a wide range of solutions, based on photocatalytic degradation technologies.

Our products are ANTI COVID-19 certified


Ulisse is an integrated nanotechnological filtering system developed by ARPEX E.T. for air treatment applicable to any space. Ulisse is an ANTI COVID-19 certified system


Hermes is a product capable of treating and purifying the air inside the cabins for moving systems. Hermes is based on photocatalytic degradation technology. Hermes is ANTI COVID-19 certified


Perseo is the first low energy consumption, low environmental impact and negligible management costs purifier as it does not require spare parts or filter replacement. Perseo is certified ANTI COVID-19