Agro FV Solution


Agro FV Solution is the solution of Arpex E.T.. for the development of Agro-Photovoltaic projects

Through the configuration of fixed panels (but removable) of appropriately spaced photovoltaic panels it is possible to leave the appropriate space for cultivation between the rows of "photovoltaic networks". The agricultural land is thus occupied for a maximum of 10-15%.

This activity will require more frequent cleaning of the panels and consequently use
more manpower than traditional photovoltaic energy production systems.

There are therefore two factors that contribute to enhancement of the land:

  • The employment factor linked to the need of maintenance of
    panels through washing and the agricultural activity
  • Agricultural development is not subtracted but rather encouraged as in
    the area services are created for agricultural activity (access to electricity, pitches, locals

Agro photovoltaic projects are also suitable for activities of pasture and represent an example of the integration of different sectors aware of the environment and the local economy by pursuing the objectives of the European Green Economy as a response to the occupational damage created by the post Covid-19.

Main Benefits

Land use:

  • No soil sealing, no coverage of the soil surface (<1 %).
  • The space between the rows allows the use of conventional agricultural machinery.
  • It is possible to use agricultural land and create different habitats
  • Creation of linear structures containing modules

Network integration and market benefits:

  • Land can be used in areas with network bottlenecks.
  • Specific additional efficiency up to 15%.
  • Additional profits due to the increase of energy market prices.

Possible applications for agricultural production with vertical photovoltaic agro

The following types of agricultural production are possible which differ between:

  • Grasslands
  • Potatoes
  • Different types of beets
  • Carrots
  • Low-growing cereals and rice (up to about 1

Technical data

  • To overcome shading problems, rows of modules need large
    distances from each other (varies from 10 - 20 m by type of photovoltaic project).
  • Therefore, the spacings of the rows allow the use of conventional agricultural machinery.

Thus the agricultural use of the land remains possible!


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